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How to Take Your Disaster Management to the Next Level
A Demonstration of AEM Elements™ 360

AEM Elements 360 is the all-new comprehensive decision support application that is set to revolutionize natural disaster risk management and mitigation. The application integrates diverse data sources and transforms them into actionable insights to help ensure resiliency across a wide variety of natural hazard scenarios, including severe and extreme weather, flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, and landslides.
In this demonstration, you’ll see AEM Elements 360 in operation and learn how it can help you: 
  • Eliminate common bottlenecks such as fragmented data and reliance on disparate single-purpose applications
  • Improve early warnings and situational awareness
  • Achieve more coordinated response across all stakeholders involved in natural disaster risk management

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Featured Speaker

MikeZucosky Round Picture
Mike Zucosky
Director of Software Product Management
Mike Zucosky is an experienced and accomplished leader who brings a wealth of knowledge gained from more than 15 years in real-time environmental monitoring. As Director of Software Product Management at AEM, he is responsible for developing and driving the strategic vision for the development of the AEM Elements 360 application. Mike joined OneRain, an AEM brand, in 2007 as a field engineer and previously led the field services and software development teams as the General Manager of OneRain. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University.