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From Cameras to Smart Cameras
A Demonstration of AEM’s PTZ Camera Technology

With the ability to monitor 360 degrees over vast terrain, cameras with pan-tilt-zoom technology (PTZ cameras) are an excellent tool for rapidly discovering dangerous conditions. However, they can quickly overwhelm their human users with vast numbers of seemingly random images.
This on-demand webinar will help you overcome that challenge by demonstrating how to get the most out of today’s PTZ cameras.
When you watch this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Optimize the way you collect and display images to facilitate human interpretation
  • Capitalize on live-streaming video and up-to-the-minute images to enhance real-time awareness
  • Utilize data to automatically identify and highlight potential points of interest within your camera’s field of view


Featured Speaker

Zoe Fyfe
Director of Product
As Director of Product for AEM’s sensor portfolio, Zoë Fyfe splits her time between identifying market needs, shaping the company's product roadmap, and ensuring that deliverables meet customer expectations.  Zoë received her Bachelor of Science degree from Queen’s University with an electrical engineering concentration.  Her 20-year career includes earning a patent for rechargeable battery assessment, international speaking engagements, and development of solutions in the reusable energy and environmental monitoring sectors.