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On-Demand Webinar
Weathering the Storm:
How Leading Companies Are Winning Against Today's Weather-Related Challenges

As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, companies in industries like airlines, utilities, and mining are grappling with ever-growing challenges. Those challenges include employee and customer safety, adherence to regulatory requirements, operational efficiency, and others. 
We've assembled a panel of environmental monitoring experts to delve into the ways that companies across a variety of commercial sectors are navigating today’s evolving weather-related challenges.
By attending this webinar, you’ll get answers to these and other important questions: 
  •  What are the major weather-related challenges facing companies across different commercial and industrial sectors?
  • What are the common obstacles that get in the way of effectively resolving these challenges?
  • What are the innovative strategies being used by the most successful companies to overcome today’s weather-related challenges?

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Featured Panelists

Randy Smith Circle
Randy Smith
Aviation Solutions Specialist

For over 18 years, Randy Smith has been providing solutions consulting to clients in AEM’s brand portfolio. Before joining our aviation team, he provided solutions consulting to clients in the state, local, and federal government sectors. In his current role, Randy has worked with a number of major airlines and more than 15 airports to update their lightning and severe weather alerting systems. 

Stuart Hershon Circle
Stuart Hershon
Mining Solutions Specialist

Stuart Hershon has been consulting with clients within the AEM brand portfolio for almost 18 years. During that time, he’s worked with customers in the government and commercial sectors to identify and implement solutions that protect their employees and customers and their physical assets against a wide variety of environmental risks. Most recently, his focus has been on helping customers in the mining industry minimize operational downtime while mitigating risk, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Craig Waters
Craig Waters
Utilities Solutions Specialist

Craig Waters has 37 years and counting in the utility industry. He has either worked for or partnered with utilities of all sizes throughout that period. In his current role at AEM, he provides complete weather safety solutions that help utilities solve some of their most pressing operational challenges.