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WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 2024, AT 1:00 PM ET
Monitoring Flood Threats: The Second Principle of Flood Early Warning Systems 

Whether you’re establishing a new flood monitoring network, or you’re looking to expand or adjust an existing network, you’ll want to join us for this webinar – the third installment in our “Principles of Flood Early Warning Systems” webinar series. In this installment, we’ll outline the considerations for selecting and prioritizing specific monitoring sites and for choosing among the various sensor options. We’ll also explain what goes into selecting the right telemetry to ensure your network meets the needs of a flood early warning system. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of: 
  • An overall framework for thinking about the design of your flood early warning system. 
  • The criteria that will help you choose the best sites for monitoring flood risk.
  • How to choose the sensors that are best aligned to your needs. 
  • Considerations that go into selecting fit-for-purpose telemetry.
  • Which software capabilities are crucial to ensure effectiveness and reliability.

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Featured Speakers

James Logan
Water Sector Leader

James Logan leads the AEM Water Sector. He has been involved in the assessment, design, development, and implementation of more than 200 automated flood early warning and environmental monitoring systems across the U.S. and abroad. He has also led numerous consulting studies relating to rainfall and hydrologic analysis, flooding, stormwater, dam safety hydrology, and water resource management. James holds degrees in both Computer Science and Geophysical Engineering. He is a member and contributor to the U.S. National Hydrologic Warning Council's Technical Working Group for the ALERT2 protocol standard.

Ryan Guerrero
Product Manager, Hardware
Ryan Guerrero is a Hardware Product Manager for AEM. He brings to AEM more than a decade of experience in hardware testing, fieldwork, sales, and business development within the environmental monitoring hardware market, with special emphasis on hydrological monitoring. His prior experience in both component- and system-level electronic work, coupled with his degrees in Applied Management and Applied Science in Robotics & Communications, give him the right blend of technical and management expertise to drive the AEM hardware line forward.